The 20th Anniversary since we started as MIT

We proudly announce you that 20 years have passed since we stared this business in a small room in Kobe. We all thank all of you for everything you have done so far to us. Please watch us how we go with the clients and the staff around. Having taken so long time to get here, we'll go through this rough and tough wild temporary transition field on a small boat named MIT
Welcome to MIT introduction page!
Although we have taken so long time to get through. We will go through this rapid, transient progress and enjoy all we have to do.

"Web systems have supported the present Computing systems", this is not too much to say. The gigantic IT vendors sch as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook in cloud computing service have been using this kind of systems in exchanging the information they need. Web systems that enable you to use PCs globally and expand your business possibility. MIT have achieved a variety of types of Web systems EC(electronic commerce) sites developments. Here we introduce you the examples of them focusing on a few of typical ones, so that you can understand easily.
 Numerous kinds of new technologies are emerging. To ride the waves and enjoy the fruits of the trees to get into the cyber space would be good and inevitable for your business in the future. MIT Corporation

Company Info

Company address and configuration

Name MIT Corporation
Adderess Eirenbuild 7 1-3-18 Nishiku Nishi honmachi Osaka city Japan 〒550-0005
Tel +81643907761
Capital 20 mil yen
MIT's motto
●accomplish to the end to take responsibility for the project to fulfill clients needs.
●develop the project to the end by the staff in the company staff
●react with clients swiftly
●constant sharing communication is the priority
●challenge the cutting edged technique studying hard managing the time


●Work hard neglecting without study
●search for expanding work field
●aim at the continuous growth
●make the most of the convenient and comfortable systems to your business life and daily make this come true, all about the system developments, please trust us, MIT.
    CEO Koichi Miyata

As for Nov 16 2018, we've been working so hard to complete perfectly these mission. Although small number of the staff are all veterans, keeping on high productivity. After developing a shopping site, mainly the rest of the projects are, one is image processing and the other is product control system to convert to WEB. All are going well. Besides, after these projects, other projects are already scheduled, so, we are looking for new staff to digest them safely. If you're confident in your skill and experience as a technician, why don't you send your resume and apply for my company, MIT Corporation.
Would you kindly refer to the top section, Company Configuration, for now. Thank you.
Company excursions
Seoul               HongKong            Taipei             Guam   
Sydney                                              Bali      

What clients say

株式会社パンジー 富依様  





エムアイティとのお付き合いはどのくらいになりますか? エムアイティ創業以来ずっとということになります。  


株式会社パンジー業務等の理解が早くシステムを構築するのも短期間で非常に助かって います。また、納品していただいたシステムについてのメンテナンスやフォローもこまめに対応していただき業務に支障なくシステムの運用を確保できています。不満点としては、特にありません。  







NTTスマートコネクト サービスオペレーション部IPシステム担当マネージャー 播磨智子様  

エムアイティとの出会いについてお聞かせください 東京勤務が長かったこともあり、関西のソフト開発会社とのコネクションがなく、外注先の選定に困っておりました。ちょうどその時に、東京勤務時代にお付き合いのあった会社の営業さんから、MITをご紹介いただいたのが最初の出会いでした。  

エムアイティを開発会社として選定していただいた理由は何だったのでしょうか? ご紹介いただいたとはいえ、最初はどのくらいの技術力がある会社か分からない状態でしたので、試行的に非常に小規模の開発を依頼させていただきました。その後、いくつかの開発の発注をさせていただいた結果、技術力のある会社であることがわかり、継続的に開発を依頼させていただくことになりました。